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Off to a GREAT start!

Hey Heart Force,

We launched our gear fundraiser and it's going well. The funds raised will meet some operational needs and we plan to help 3 more families by the end of the year. The needs are so vast, and we want to help even more people. Often we are told about new opportunities to assist others but we can't quite meet their specific needs. Your partnership will allow us to be better prepared in the future and grow our giving pot. Our base goal is $5000 and we hope to gain a minimum of 5 more monthly donors.

I've had some wonderful conversations with people who want to step up to the plate and dedicate to a monthly gift. This is so exciting! I feel moved when I see God laying our mission on people's hearts. Through social media we have reached over 550 people so far, 90% of them are new. Our board is working hard to share the fundraiser with others and the response has been so positive.

The best way to interact with us regularly is by following our instagram page: @danielsheartfoundation. We also just started a new twitter account: @danielsheart16.

Lastly, did you know with each donation or gear purchase, it enters you to win a getaway to SAN JUAN ISLAND, WA. You don't want to miss out!

Thanks for loving on others with us! We so appreciate you!


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