Our fundraising goal for Amber is $10,000. This will go towards their already overwhelming medical bills and to supplement the days off Ryan will need to care for his family. Let's knock their socks off! 

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Meet Amber, Ryan and their sweet family! Amber is 31 years old and lives in Longview, WA. She has a heart of gold. She selflessly gives to others in every area of her life. Whether it's working with teen moms and their babies through Young Lives, being a foster Mom for six years or actively serving with Ryan in their church, she sure keeps busy. 

Amber began to experience weird symptoms with her hearing and breathing. About a month ago she had a mass removed from her nasal cavity. They sent it in for a biopsy and after a grueling week of waiting she was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. As you can imagine, this has shocked her family and been hard to navigate the unknowns and wait for a treatment plan.

The kind of cancer Amber has will be a lifelong endeavor. It has a high percentage of returning so they plan to start with radiation now and "save chemo for later".  You can be praying for Amber as she enters this new season of doctor visits, for the toll radiation will take on her body and her sweet family. She begins radiation soon, going Monday-Friday for 4 weeks. 

Last year Daniel's Heart found out about Victor through Amber because she's so involved in her community and we were able to surprise Victor's family with a gift at Christmas time because of Amber's thoughtfulness. Let's give back to Amber in the ways she's so lovingly given to many! 

Keep Amber and Ryan in your prayers as they manage a new schedule, care for their brave boys, answer hard questions as they come and that they continue to trust God for their comfort and peace, for HE is the true physician! 

Fundraising for Amber ends October 18th

To donate simply click the yellow donate button or send a check by mail to Daniel's Heart Foundation to the address located at the bottom of the screen. 



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