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We Need Your Help

Hey Heart Force,

There's a family who came across our path this week that we hope to help this fall. They haven't agreed to full disclosure, but I can tell you a little bit about their story. This family consists of two children and a single mother. The Mother is fighting for her life each week on dialysis from kidney failure. She often sells homemade food to bring in extra income. She has yet to meet the financial requirements for a transplant.

Every family that comes our way has many practical needs, and as an organization we hope to meet as many as we can. With this family, their needs far exceed what we can offer, BUT we hope to provide relief for them this holiday season by gifting them at least two months of rent, a grocery gift card and perhaps some Christmas presents for the kids. Our goal is $4000. Would you consider joining us to love on this family? Your support would make a very big difference in their lives.

Any donation made until November 10th will go to this family, either by check or online.

Please keep this family in your prayers too and for us, as we share the love of Jesus.

Thank you for considering.

Daniel's Heart


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