Extending others hope by providing relief in their situation is a huge part of Daniel's Heart. You'll be given the chance to list specific requests that lift the burden for the "Heart Warrior" you nominate. By nominating someone (even yourself), you become a part of our mission to love other people in crisis. Thank you for partnering with us in this way!


Anyone, even the one who carries the ailment, as long as they can complete the paperwork. 


Yes, we will assist families of loved ones suffering and/or the one carrying the ailment ages 1-70. 

WHAT IS CONSIDERED AN AILMENT?  We consider an ailment a diagnosis, or any event that caused an otherwise healthy person's life to change forever physically. If the person is suspected to complete a full recovery, they don't qualify. The ailment must be diagnosed by a doctor, and considered progressive, malignant or a degenerative illness/disease or caused by an accident (either physical or even naturally such as a stroke) that creates

physical trauma and impact one's life on a daily basis. 

WHY MUST THE PERSON BE CARED FOR IN THEIR HOME? We want to reach those specifically who experience long suffering and are being cared for in their home. We know that most often one can't afford specialized care or simply wants to be/die at home. This weighs on the family as a caregiver and we have a heart for not only the one suffering physically but the family as well, as we know it impacts them greatly too. The person still qualifies if they are in temporary rehab facilities, with the intention of going back home.

IF THE NOMINEE IS STILL IN THE HOSPITAL OR SEEKING ON GOING MEDICAL CARE CAN THEY BE NOMINATED? Certainly yes! Just as long as a doctor's note, and medical records show their life has most certainly changed forever because of their disease, illness or life altering ailment. We assume most applicants will be seen by a doctor regularly. 

IS DANIEL'S HEART FOUNDATION A 501c3? Yes, all donations are tax deductible. 

WHAT KIND OF REQUESTS CAN I MAKE? That is up to you! It must meet a specific need that provides relief to your situation. Remember, we provide one time "gifts" not on going assistance. 

DOES THE FAMILY NOMINATED NEED TO BELIEVE IN THE PRINCIPLES YOU'RE FOUNDED ON? No. Our desire is to bring relief to anyone and everyone whose life has been altered by illness, disease or physical trauma. We will not discriminate on race, beliefs, or sexual orientation. 

DOES NOMINATING A HEART WARRIOR (PERSON CARRYING THE AILMENT) COST ME ANYTHING? No. However, if you believe in our mission to help others in crisis, we would love for you to join in partnership with us. 

ARE THERE INCOME RESTRICTIONS OR GUIDELINES? No. Suffering affects all demographics, regardless of race, gender, or status. We try to relieve people/families by gifting one time specific needs. You'll be able to specify those needs on our official nomination form. Click here to get started. 

HOW ARE NOMINEES CHOSEN? We choose people/families based on a few criteria. 1. You must meet the qualifications listed here. 2. Our non profit structure must practically be able to fulfill a request. 3. Your mailed in form has been verified and resources checked out in agreement with our bylaws 4. Our board will unanimously agree on who we help based on all the qualifications and requirements listed here. 

Take Note: 

According to our bylaws, we are only able to help persons who were otherwise healthy and then physical illness, disease or physical accident or trauma changed the trajectory of one's life forever. The person who is affected by these life altering circumstances MUST be cared for in their home and receive no other financial assistance at the time of nomination from any other organization. They must not be cared for in an in-house respite care facility or nursing home, receive on-going medical assistance from another non-profit or be on hospice. You must be able to prove the ailment by attaching 2 of the required documents in our official nomination form when it's emailed to you. Please understand we are not able to provide ongoing financial/gift assistance, but only one time "gifts" are given. Not all who inquire will be helped. We do our best to choose candidates that fit our mission, bylaws and whose needs we are able to practically meet. The questionnaire must be completed in full before our board considers you. 



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We serve DHF on a volunteer basis only at this time. The best way to contact us is by emailing us at: 

danielsheartfoundation@gmail.com. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may  have. 



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To share your story of HOPE,

please email us at: danielsheartfoundation@gmail.com

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