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Happy Spring!

We're looking ahead with anticipation. As an organization, we have been honored and humbled to assist families who are walking through a health crisis with someone they love. We have helped cover flight costs for medical procedures, assist with physical therapy sessions, pay for groceries, medical bills and covered rent costs, all in effort to relieve the burden individuals are carrying. By doing so they can focus on healing, care taking and enjoying precious moments as a family. Our board is growing and our mission catching on within our personal communities. It's exciting to see! God is definitely at work.

This fall we will hold one of our biggest fundraiser events yet, and we need your help! We recognize that relieving financial burdens is impactful, but as we grow, we've been able to see and care for people through prayer and more intentionally help families as they journey through grief. Our hearts are opening to expand this area of our mission to share the hope and love of Christ in the suffering we're in.

One way we will accomplish this, is to develop a hands-on tool in the form of a booklet that will be a tangible resource to aid people in their grief. It will help them answer life's toughest questions and be a guide for healing, pointing people to our ultimate physician, Jesus. Our fundraiser this fall will make this tool possible!

In order to produce this event, we need to pay for the costs of production. I'm reaching out in hopes you'll be able to partner with us. We need to raise $8000! Your willingness to look ahead and see how this tool will be meaningful to those in their health crisis and the money you sacrifice in partnership with us means so much. You are the "heart force" behind what we do!

You can simply donate here on our site or send us a check to the address at the bottom of the screen. If you pay online, note that the transaction fee taken out is 2.4% from the total you choose to give.

We're getting amped up to share more about the event this fall, but for now, will you help us make the details come together?

Thank you for considering!

Daniel's Heart Board


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