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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Heart Force,

This past weekend I drove south to meet up with Lisa and Anke who serve on our board. We gathered our “heart bundle” and met up with Amber, Ryan and the boys in their home. As we pulled up, a sign was stuck in their front yard that read “Don’t Give Up”. It brought tears to my eyes. Later we found out that sign just appeared one day. Sure it could have something to do with covid but I saw it as a daily reminder of the hope we have in Jesus as Amber comes and goes each day. What a reminder: never lose hope. Don’t give up.

Upon entering their home the boys greeted us with grins and a slight awkwardness. Zeke wearing a spider man costume. When asked if he was going to be spider man for Halloween, Jacob, their oldest, quickly made sure we knew he IS in fact spider man! The laughter softened the awkwardness.

With your help we were able to give Amber a few treasures along with the financial gift to remember this season in her life. You see, I believe we’re called into suffering. Illness is a deep calling. It’s a season of surrender. A chance to know Christ more deeply and learn how to trust Him in new fresh ways that would not have occurred in the same way had this deep suffering never come about. To me, it’s a holy suffering. As we’re reminded in Job, “If we take happiness from God’s hand, must not we take sorrow too?” (Job 1:10) You see, there’s nothing we will experience that Jesus himself did not endure in some shape or fashion. He goes before us and He’s promised to never leave us or forsake us. (Deut. 31) We pray the treasures adorn her home as reminders of God’s faithfulness and how much she’s loved by all of you.

Then we were able to reveal the donated amount thanks to your partnership! This is our biggest fundraiser yet! Thank you so much! After that, the boys opened their bundle and quickly dispersed to play a game we snuck in to mix.

The deep love those boys have for their parents is truly evident. You can see God’s hand in their lives as they sift through this tough season. Amber was able to share that her radiation ends (today, in fact) and what the next steps will be as she waits for results. You can be praying for her as she feels the effects of the treatments and continues to trust Jesus with her life.

Before we left we prayed over Amber and Ryan. It was a holy moment and we’re so thankful they let us into their lives for that short 45 minutes of laughter and tears.

You guys, this is what it’s all about. We may not be certain of our next moments and days, but we can be certain that God loves us and cares for us. That when we’re struggling, He promises to be near. When we cry out to Him, He hears us. And when we come together as His saints, we can be a small part of changing people’s lives.

Thank you again for loving the Moats deeply. Your partnership means so much to us!

Would you consider joining Daniel’s Heart in a more permanent way? We have the desire to help more families and the needs are vast. If so, you can commit to a monthly donation via our website using the donate button or request via email monthly envelopes should payment by check be more desirable. Let’s continue to change lives together by helping families weather their toughest storms of disease, illness or physical trauma.


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