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Hope That Doesn't Disappoint

Author Randy Alcorn speaks so honestly about our hope not being temporal but eternal. He is well studied on heaven but notes in his latest blog post how this eternal hope has brought a great encouragement to him as his wife battles cancer.

"The hope of Heaven is the light at the end of life’s tunnel. It not only makes the tunnel endurable; it fills our hearts with anticipation of the world into which we will one day emerge. Not just a better world, but a new and perfect world. A world alive, fresh, beautiful. A world devoid of pain, suffering, and war. A world without earthquakes, without tsunamis, without tragedy. A world where all who love Jesus will be forever reunited with each other as well as with Him. A world ruled by the only One worthy of ruling."

This is the HOPE we profess. The hope of heaven. May his post bring you comfort this Christmas with wherever God has you today and this season.

Click on the picture to read Randy's full post.


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