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Fundraising for Amber

Daniel's Heart Partners,

Yesterday we launched a fundraiser for Amber and Ryan! Amber lives in Longview, WA and is actively involved in her community helping teen moms and their babies through Younglives. She is often posting the needs of others on social media, trying to wrangle used items to care for the women she is serving or fundraising to get them into camp each year. Just recently, she began a more active role in Longview's Young Life program as well. For the last six years Amber has not only helped outside her home, but she and Ryan decided to help their community in a more intimate way by becoming foster parents. And as a couple they are both active with their church family.

Now it's our turn to give back. Amber began to experience some odd symptoms that landed her at the doctor's office. She was having trouble hearing and later breathing. About a month ago, a mass was removed from her nasal cavity and sent in for biopsy. A grueling week of waiting later, she began to get answers and has been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. This type of cancer is a heavy endeavor, because although the "prognosis" is usually positive in the short term, it more often than not will rear its head again and again. She will most likely be fighting and monitoring this cancer for her lifetime. They have decided to start radiation now and "save chemo for later" so that it doesn't take too much of a toll on her body and allow her to fight it now and in the future, should it arise again.

You can be praying for Amber and Ryan. They have 4 brave boys under their wing to care for. As you can imagine this curveball is challenging, however, we believe God is in control and is good. He knows our pain and cares for us beyond our limited understanding. Both Amber and Ryan believe this and are trusting Jesus daily as their anchor in this crisis storm.

This story hits a little close to home for us. Amber is the younger sister of our board member, Candace. Also, Amber was actively involved in allowing us to help Victor's family last year, so not only has she partnered with us, she's a friend and also family. We're excited to give back to them! The donations will go to the already piling medical bills and to supplement the hours Ryan will need to be at home caring for their boys as Amber receives treatment.

You can donate by simply clicking the yellow button at the top of the screen or by mailing a check to "Daniel's Heart Foundation" using the address at the bottom of the screen. Our fundraiser for Amber ends October 18th.

Thanks everyone! We can't wait to see this come together. You can visit her fundraising page by clicking here.


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