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For Shae

It has been quite the year so far for Daniel's Heart. With your loving partnership we were able to help 21 yr. old, Shae Sobottke, with travel and stay expenses for the upcoming brain surgery Shae will undergo in Colorado. Shae suffers from Chiari Malformation. A Chiari sufferer's brains slip down into their spinal column causing a multitude of symptoms such as: weakness, fatigue, numbness and swelling, headaches and overall distinguishable differences in daily life. The surgery will in a sense "freeze" her symptoms and help with relief. Thank you so much for your help getting Shae to her surgery which takes place on the 23rd. You can be praying for her as she travels tomorrow, for protection as she's in surgery, for healing afterwards and for the family as they support her. Thank you for supporting our mission so we can help people just like Shae.

If you'd like to support Shae's needs more intentionally, she's doing a fundraiser on Gofundme:

Our board met a couple of weeks ago! It was so fun to connect, dream and plan for the next 12 months. We added two more board members! It's so fun to see others catch onto the mission of Daniel's Heart and join #heartforces to care for people in their health crisis. We're looking for monthly on-going supporters to keep this mission going. If you feel led to commit in giving each month, please sign up using the donate button. We hope to add 50 monthly givers this year! We're so thankful for all of you!

(Our board meeting over Zoom! It's so much better in person, but this will suffice.)


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