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Candace's Story Clip

Daniel's Heart Foundation seeks to love on people like Candace who suffer daily from disease. We wanted to share Candace's story not only because she's on our board, but because of how her life has changed to see outside of herself in a new way and reflect the glory of God despite the illness she lives with.

Often suffering causes us to look within, but it's when we start looking out to help others in our own pain that permanent change begins to unfold. Candace is a testament to that truth.



46 Black Fox Pl.

Friday Harbor, WA


We serve DHF on a volunteer basis only at this time. The best way to contact us is by emailing us at: 

danielsheartfoundation@gmail.com. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may  have. 



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Sara Larson, Washington

Chuck Larson, Washington

Denee Kroeger, Oregon

Lisa Wardle, Oregon

Candace Smouse, Oregon

Colleen Hoyt, Oregon

Shannon Bickford, Washington

Jean Milliken, Washington

Anke Haskins, Oregon

Melody Olsen, Washington

Kevin Milliken, Washington

Danielle Peel, Minnesota

Michelle Underwood, Oregon

Becca Kinser, Oregon 

To share your story of HOPE,

please email us at: danielsheartfoundation@gmail.com

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